Internal Innovation Funding Programs

Caltech has launched two privately endowed programs for providing funding directed towards the development of Caltech technology to a point suitable for commercialization. The programs were created to spur solutions to challenging problems that can be translated into products and services for the benefit of society. Although the activities of these programs are not limited to any particular area, energy and green technologies, information technology, neuroscience, biomedicine, biotechnology, and nanomaterials applied to the foregoing are areas that have been emphasized.

  • The Caltech Innovation Initiative (CI2) program is focused on providing basic and translational research grants to faculty for concepts that address solutions to significant technological challenges so as to promote the economic, political, and physical well-being of U.S. citizens, the Caltech community, and the world at large. CI2 awards are intended to provide support for up to two years with up to $250K in total funding (2 x $125K) with the second year of funding based on a competitive renewal at 10 months. The application period for 2013 is now closed. 
  • The Grubstake program provides “gap” funding to advance promising projects to the prototype stage. For example, CI2-funded projects could receive additional funding under the e-Grubstake program to support prototype development. However, Grubstake awards are not limited to projects funded by CI2. Funding levels for the Grubstake program will be commensurate with individual project needs and typically $50K. The Grubstake program has a rolling review process. For questions or submissions, please contact Larry Gilbert.




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