Commercializing your Inventions

The Technology Transfer Process

OTT strongly believes in the benefits and importance of technology transfer, and encourages research collaborations with industry. We initiate and conduct interactions, presentations and negotiations with industry on behalf of Caltech and its inventors. OTT works with Caltech/JPL inventors to attract corporate partners that can bring inventions and discoveries to the marketplace through technology licensing agreements. Technology licensing agreements promote the development and commercialization of Caltech/JPL technologies by granting rights to develop such technologies to companies in return for royalties, equity and other fees.

In negotiating technology licensing agreements, we strive to ensure that the needs and interests of Caltech and its researchers are met. Central to this effort is our duty to protect and preserve the independence, values and interests of the Caltech research community, including academic freedom, scientific integrity, the pursuit of knowledge and open exchange of ideas and information.

We are particularly vigilant to ensure that no agreement will limit the right of faculty to publish or present the results of research. Although no two agreements are alike, there are several provisions in every agreement designed to facilitate and realize our major goals. These include:

  • Granting a royalty-bearing license to practice the licensed technology
  • Preserving your right to publish
  • Providing for a fair return to the university if the product is successful in the marketplace
  • Ensuring that Caltech/JPL technologies reach the marketplace in a timely manner for the benefit of the public by the inclusion of development milestones

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