Our Approach

  • Build Relationships with Faculty

OTT strives to provide a valuable service to Caltech/JPL innovators by making the technology transfer process as user friendly as possible. Our success depends on these relationships. OTT professionals spend a significant portion of their time working with inventors to protect their inventions and to participate in the commercialization process. OTT endeavors to create an environment in which inventors feel like they are an integral part of a successful relationship, committed to having each invention reach its full potential.

  • Aggressively Pursue Intellectual Property

Caltech consistently ranks among the top 3 universities in the number of patents obtained. We file over 100 patent applications each year and have averaged over 110 patents issued in each of the last 5 years. OTT files provisional patent applications on nearly all invention disclosures it receives, and pursues nonprovisional patent protection on nearly half of the inventions. Decisions to pursue patent protection are made through a discussion between OTT and the inventors based on the commercial potential of the invention, the state of development, and other factors. Once a decision is made to go forward, OTT retains outside patent counsel with expertise in the relevant technical area to prosecute the nonprovisional patent application.

  • Be Industry-Friendly

OTT prides itself on working at a pace on par with industry. Each OTT professional has the ability to conduct licensing negotiations from start to finish, without the typical university bureaucracy. OTT strives to make the deal making process as easy as possible, providing a strong foundation for a long term relationship between OTT and the licensee.

  • Promote Entrepreneurship

OTT actively supports the formation of start-up companies based on Caltech and JPL technologies. Start-ups are motivated to develop licensed technologies and provide myriad benefits including job growth, economic development and faculty retention. OTT maintains close relationships in the entrepreneurial community, including venture capitalists, attorneys, accountants and other key business professionals.

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