OTT Services

OTT stands ready to assist you, the faculty, students, JPLers, and other researchers, to protect the fruits of your research and promote their further development and commercialization.

Our services include:

  • Evaluating your inventions for commercial potential, and securing patent protection.
  • Assisting you with starting new companies to bring your inventions to market.
  • Negotiating license agreements with industry to ensure the appropriate development and commercialization of your technologies.
  • Attracting industry partners to further develop your discoveries and inventions.
  • Negotiating material transfer agreements (MTAs) to enable the sharing of materials between collaboration partners
  • Negotiating non-disclosure/confidentiality agreements (NDAs/CDAs) to allow for the sharing of confidential information

If you have any questions about a technology or invention developed in your lab, about starting a new company, or any of the other topics listed above, we urge you to seek our advice and assistance.

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